Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Brecht takes on Lennon

In the interests of finding an alternative lyrics we can bash drums to... I found this at the end of an Indian human rights organisation's report on state violence in Chattisgarh.

From the People proceeds the power of the State.
–But where does it proceed to?
Yes, where is it proceeding to?
There’s some place it’s proceeding to.
The policeman proceeds through the station gate.
–But where does he proceed to?

Look, there’s the whole lot on the march.
–But where are they marching to?
Yes, where are they marching to?
There’s some place they are marching to.
They wheel through the gate and under the arch.
–But where are they heeling to?

The power of the State turns right about.
Something is in the air.
–What can be in the air?
There’s something in the air.
The power of the state gives a piercing shout
And yells: Get moving there!
–But moving why and where?
It yells: Get moving there!

There’s something standing in a crowd
Something which queries that.
Why should it query that?
What cheek to query that!
The State just shoots-for that’s allowed-
And something falls down flat.
What was it fell down flat?
What made it fall like that?

The power of the State sees something spill.
Something lies in the shit.
What’s lying in the shit?
Something’s lying in the shit.
There’s something lying deadly still
–The People, why, that’s it!
Can that really be it?
Yes, that is really it.

-Bertolt Brecht

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