Saturday, 16 February 2008

Radical Witness

I think the use of art in facilitation is really interesting.
A pointer here to Radical witness - - a gallery of drawings by Jill Gibbon (who incidentally has contributed a lot to Faslane 365, Peace News, etc.)

I find the juxtapositions of arms dealers, activists, politicians, police, etc. quite moving . I wonder whether this sort of thing can be a good way into exploring motivations and energies for activism with groups?


Eric the Red said...


Thanks for sharing this with us. Moving pictures. No pun intended.

Mahdi said...

if anyone's interested, a few of Jill's pieces were in the history of war art exhibition @the IMW

ankyonline said...

interesting blog

DD said...

I really like these pictures too, thanks bob. And how fun to find that the tide turner blog is still kicking along, albeit very very lightly.

have you seen the picture the dog and the women camping? it's a depiction of the aldermaston women's peace camp, remember when we visited there that day during the RP gathering ... and we wrote 'maybe' with the leaves ... fun day.