Wednesday, 4 April 2007

25 years of Defending the Right to Defend Human Rights: music and photos

For 25 years Peace Brigades International has been sending teams of volunteers to provide unarmed protective accompaniment to human rights defenders all over the world, currently we have projects in Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Guatemala and Nepal.

This exhibition has been put together to illustrate the work of human rights defenders and the issues they face. The pictures are a tribute the bravery and hard work of human rights defenders across the world.

The exhibition runs from Weds April 4th to Sunday April 30th at Pogo Café, 76 Clarence Rd, Hackney E5. Contact Lani for more info on PBI's work.

To compliment The Pogo Cafe hosting this exhibition come and see a unique musician play Latin music with a twist, Flakito. Flakito has spent two years working for Peace Brigades International in Colombia. He will be sharing music and stories. Thursday 5th April at 7.30pm with his one man band. Come and find out about the work and listen to some great music at the same time!


Carl Reynolds said...

will go to the exhibition, as I have another friend in PBI - Susan Cosgrove. But can't make the gig as will be walking in Cotswolds - easy way in to the Cuillins in May and Alps in June!

DD said...

If you haven't been to this cafe/meeting/art space, I hope you can find the time to one day. It's a wonderful example of volunteer/community efforts -- and bonus! healthy food from local producers.

I'd seen the spot on my walks with the dog, but hadn't ever gone in until last Thursday. Now that I know that it's a dog-friendly spot, I'll certainly be back with more frequency.

Flakito had a some lively songs about sad topics yet inspiring stories. And the personnel (volunteers) at this cafe were all very open and smiley.

Also a couple of doors down there's a quirky little used bookshop worth making a stop at.