Monday, 16 April 2007

well, i finally made it into the blog!
i am no expert at this, so realise my identity is fully hidden - wishingchair is sue, one of the facilitators on saturday
greetings to all, will look forward to reading and contributing!


Zaria said...

Hello Wishingchair, aka. Sue. Welcome to the blog, very glad you've made it. I think wishingchair is a great name, and how did you come up with it?

kathryn said...

Yeah! Welcome Sue too.

for all, I have added a counter to the site - showing how many times the page has been viewed. I didn't know what to start on, so made up 52 as a starting pointing (based on the number of posts and comments). That was about 8pm last night. 12 hours later we are up to 67 :)

DD said...

Yes, welcome welcome welcome Wishingchair. And I too am intrigued by the name. At the end of one of my email signatures at the moment I have a poem by Mary TallMountain -- another quite nice name.
Mary TallMountain's poem:

Memories stretch and pull around me / Bark drying on a new canoe.