Wednesday, 13 June 2007

building the local alternative

Last weekend we looked at building the alternative; based on the notion that the way in which we are active should also form the way we want our civil society to be.

I facilitated an exercise on looking at this from the localised perspectives of - home, friends and neighbours.

These themes and ideas emerged. What do you want to add, be clear about or comment on?

Learning from them
Be the friend you'd like to have
Care-frontation not confrontation in challenging views you don't agree with
Put energy into reconnecting with old friends
Express your gratitude for support
Stop 'taking the piss' and encourage instead

Reduce, re-use, recycle - eg books, washing machines, cars, computers
Share resources
Produce as much food on site as possible
Use organic and biodynamic stuff/food
Fair trade, eco-products
Turn off stand-by items
Think through ethical consumption
Commit to good communcation with those you live with
Offer hospitality
Cook together and not too much

Solidarity actions eg campaigns to save adventure playgrounds, the Maudsley
Community gardens in the space between flats - herbs, flowers, veg and compost
Smiling, walking, conversing with neighbours
Use local shops, not chains or supermarkets
Have dialogues about choices in shops and markets
Campaign for post offices and local services
Join a local group eg a choir or bell ringers
Go to local events like school fairs, jumble sales and festivals


kathryn said...

sorry to have missed you all last Saturday. How did it go? how were the group dynamics?

Carl, what's the picture? it looks like a carpet... connections in the swirls?

Carl Reynolds said...

sorry been away. its a carpet. group is funky.