Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Euston Tea Party

The sarf Londoners will recognise this as London Bridge, but hey, it's a mainline station.

We've talked about doing an action as a group. One idea that combines our love of food and our concern for the planet and people is to raise awareness of food and health.

So...the Euston Tea Party. An extravaganza of cakes, coffee and teas; combined with conversations about fair trade, organics, food miles, body and mental health. In front of their antithesis of Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Cornish Pasty et al.

I suggest we occupy a couple of tables in the public space outside the station and in front of said outlets and give away cakes and teas to passers by and engage them in dialogues about food and things. We accompany this with flyers; and seeing as we have the skills, a couple of songs too.

What do you think? Ideas in the comments section. Plan at July get together.

If you want to practice, there's a Bellenden Bunfight this Saturday 16th June at the Review Bookshop on Bellenden Rd. Entry is £1 - bring a cake to be eaten and judged.

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kathryn said...

yes, yes, yum...

Can we have a strategy? what are we trying to change? (I'm happy if it is 'the mind of one communter about NVDActivists', I just want an aim please!).

Helen Dymond said...

I would like to do this and feel it is a logical move for us to do an action as a team. Following Kathryn's point, can we ask for some session time to discuss/refine objectives/plan this event?

Helen D

Ally said...

what happened with this? I feel very out of the loop (all my own fault of course) and I want to be back in! there was also discussion about bike painting action?