Thursday, 1 March 2007

books of games for facilitators and trainers

House of Games - Chris Johnston, Nick Hern Books. ISBN 1854599054. From the perspective of theatre and impro.

The Gamesters handbook 1,2&3 - Donna Brandes and John Norris, Stanley Thomas Publisher. ISBN 074873506. Lots of games - cooperative, about learning, about community etc

Games for actors and non-actors - Augusto Boal, Routledge. ISBN 0415267080. Brazilian founder of Forum Theatre. Many many activities and a practice philosophy in one book.

Theatre games for the classroom - Viola Spolin, Northwestern University Press. ISBN 0810140047. What it says on the label. And how to connect/sequence them.

Participatory Workshops - Robert Chambers, Earthscan. ISBN 1853838632. Activities across the spectrum of a participative process and some games.

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