Friday, 9 March 2007

Fish on Bicycles mass cycle against Trident

Open your eyes, and move those legs! Alternatively start your engines for a mass one-set-of-eyes car-car! ;-)

14 March 2007, LONDON. "Fish on Bicycles mass cycle ride"
Meet at 6.30pm under Waterloo Bridge for a mass cycle ride around central London. Inspired by Steve Bell's cartoon depicting Tony Blair calling for a replacement to Trident, next to a fish demanding a new bicycle, the cycle ride will demonstrate just how pointless and ridiculous the government's plans to build a new generation of nuclear weapons really are. Bring anti-Trident messages, and dress as a fish or other non-cycling amphibian to highlight the pure stupidity of replacing Trident. (Dressing as a fish is optional!) Download a specially-made "fish on bicycles" race cards displaying Steve Bell's cartoon (to be attached to the front of bicycles) from <>
Please note that arrests, although unlikely, are a possibility. For more information the events and actions taking place on Trident Vote Day, please visit:

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