Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Helen Dymond

I hope I am connnected after various attempts... ...More and more does power reside with the computer-savvy. I wanted to say, I went to a presentation recently by one of the Peace Tax Seven (affiliated to 'Conscience') who are challenging the automatic allocation of part of our taxes to the arms industry, and want these monies ring-fenced for a Peace Fund to pay for "life-affirming activities such as health care, education and non-violent conflict resolution." They are taking their case back to the European Court of Human Rights under Article 9 of the European Convention. I have a DVD of their recent doings but they can be accessed on www.peacetaxseven.com
all good wishesHelen Dymond


Zaria said...

Hi Helen,
You are not wrong about power and ICT...is the DVD you have the same as what's on the net? If not, can you bring it to the next tideturners day to share around? sounds interesting.

Carl Reynolds said...


Found the website you linked very interesting - thanks. I'm going to draft some blog posting, commenting and using instructions soon - can you let me know whether the second set of posting ideas I sent you worked? And what would improve them? And would you review the whole doc for usability before I send on to others?


kathryn said...

Helen, thanks for persevering!

It took me months of frustration to figure out how to post photos. That period coincided with my year and a half in Indonesia, and taught me a very important lesson in not letting technology get me down, and not being disheartened when small goals I had set myself (posting pictures of a peace discussion, for example) did not immediately come to fruition. It taught me that there is a bigger picture, and being calm for that was more important (and, like any strange authority over us, if we treat technology with patience it will eventually work with us!). Not meant to be moralising - just that I am sitting in one of the many Indonesian wartel (= warung internet = coffee shop with internet) where I slowly learnt this lesson, and seeing your post reminded me of it.

Anonymous said...

GreenNet is having a lunch time talk next Tuesday (3 April) exactly about some of these ITC tech accessibility issues -- see www.gn.apc.org

The Web: are you using it or is it using you? (or everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about web tools, online privacy, security...)

See you there!