Tuesday, 6 March 2007

can theatre change the course of history?

We missed this at the Almeida Gallery:

We asked the Almeida's artist collaborators and the students whether theatre can change the course of history. Their response came about as part of a theatre laboratory - a practical and artistic investigation of the strength and importance of ideas and the power of the collective to effect change.

But they have kindly given us instructions on how to devise revolutionary theatre


Carl Reynolds said...

the answer to your question is yes, but I think only marginally. the instructions at the Almeida site appear to be a p*ss take.

Theatre (Forum et al) can change local history and, by extension, national and global history, but we shouldn't get too seduced by the wonders of the boards; we also need to get on the streets methinks.

Zaria said...

Surely it depends on who is doing the theatre? The people in those pictures look like very ordinary young people, and the experiences and education that they gain through constructing their revolutionary theatre is surely of huge worth to them.

Question: where is the cross-over between revolutionary theatre and theatrical protest? Lots of 'creative protest' has theatrical aspects...